If you do not know the original manufacturers part number for your belt, or it is not listed in our cross reference files, you can select your garden machinery V belt by width and length dimension.

The belts below are all designed for Lawn mowers & green keeping machinery that often use multiple pulleys and idlers, which operate by a clutching action to engage and disengage drive to the blades or gearbox.

This application is very specific and demands special attention to the quality of any belts used. In many cases for outlasting standard black rubber belts.

The solutions for such drives include belts which feature special one sided rubberised fabric that offers better clutching action, as well as in Kevlar (aramid) cord constructions.

These belts are regularly manufactured in blue colour, however they can also be manufactured in green, brown, red, black & white.

The first step to measuring your belt is to establish the style of belt.

Conventional V belt profile

Hexagonal or double sided V belt profile

Single or double sided Toothed Timing belt